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Replacing (or Repairing) a Dead Time Capsule?

Well, it finally happened. After a pretty solid 5-year run, my 2008-era 1st-gen Time Capsule has apparently bit the dust. It's deceased. An ex-Capsule. And unlike the last time, I'm not sure if I want to repair it. But let's consider the options.

Property Management, and Security Systems.

AAAD is primarily dedicated to the iOS-based renovations we're doing at our house in Chicago's suburbs.  But it's not just about that topic, or even that house. We also rent out our former house in the city - a duplex down in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. And last week, we dealt with one of the downsides of property management - our condo was burglarized. 

Going to Disney? Bring your iPhone!

Our Summer of Vacations is almost over. The AAAD family just returned from a long weekend at Disney World. First things first - if you're going to Disney World, you need the "My Disney Experience" app.  Period. Full stop.  We were able to see and do essentially everything at all 4 Disney parks, in 4 days - almost SOLELY due to the real-time updates we were getting through the Disney app.  Here's a recap of our Disney Experience - and how the iOS app dramatically improved our experience.  

Review - Airblown Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Here's a fun fact: my son was born on the same day as my dad, 55 years later - July 24. They've had a few joint birthday parties, and they were able to throw one in Turks and Caicos, and that was great.  Of course, 7 year olds need to have birthday parties with their friends, too... it's basically their primary social event. So this weekend, we threw a backyard movie night with about 25 kids.  To do that, you need a projector, a PA, and most importantly, a huge movie screen. Here's our review of the Airblown 12 ft. Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen .