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Showing posts from March, 2017

Going Underground - Craftsman Style Built-In Dry Bar!

It has taken YEARS, but our biggest project - the finished basement - is finally done. And it's great! We've increased the usable living space in our house by a full 30%. The kids have a living-room area for board games, and there's an additional bedroom and bathroom. And now - finally - we have a built-in dry bar, which matches the built-in home theater upstairs.

Sonos CONNECT & a Turntable - Evolution or Blasphemy?

We recently added a SONOS CONNECT to our primary home theater. This got some pushback... and I'll grant that it's a little bit unnecessary. Our home theater has an AppleTV and Apple Music... we can already play almost any song ever published, immediately, with voice control. So why a Sonos? Because we have a turntable!

2017 Macs -- No News is BAD News, Apple!

Apple has always kept their cards close to their vest.  Eight years old and still getting it done.  But this is getting ridiculous.  The AAAD household has a LOT of Apple devices. But our Macs are getting a bit long in the tooth. I'd love to upgrade them, across the board. New Mac Mini, new iMac. But I wait. Because upgrades are surely just around the corner, right? Right?