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Say No to IR Blasters! The DirecTV RF Remote

I spent the better part of the 2000's trying to banish IR blasters from our living room. They managed to combine poor form and poor function. Wires running under and around our components, IR emitters affixed to the front of our components, messing up the whole look of our living room. And they didn't always work! It was an exercise in frustration.  With our new built-in home theater cabinets, our components are tucked away out of sight. So it looked like we were headed back to IR blasters.  Until DirecTV stepped in to save the day.

Project 1 (Home Theatre) - UPDATED: Done!

Finally, we have some real news! (Actually, quite a bit of it. More on that later.) Let's start with the exciting conclusion of the original PROJECT #1 from AAAD - the Home Theater Remodel .

Buying a Prius in 2014 - Before CarPlay

iOS 7.1 was unveiled a month or so back, and its centerpiece was Apple's CarPlay, which promises to finally deliver a safe, hands-free (and eyes-free) iOS experience for drivers. Unfortunately, CarPlay won't be available for a while, and I need a new car now . On the plus side, there have never been more high-tech, high mileage hybrid vehicles available. So which car is the best fit for a tech lover with a long commute?