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We found an iPad. In the middle of the street. Can you solve this mystery?

Sunday was my wife's birthday, so we loaded up the kids and biked from Glen Ellyn to Wheaton, a nearby suburb, for lunch. (Atomic Turkey sandwiches at Shane's Deli, of course.) And on the way home, my wife found an iPad. An iPad 2. With no case, but with no screen cracks... literally in the middle of a busy street. We took it home, charged it for a few hours, and it works. We don't have the unlock code, so this is as  far as we've gotten. And that is where YOU come in, internet - let's find the owner.

Flip This Condo - Four Days on the Market

Well, THAT long road is finally over. Our condo is on the market! And now we play the waiting game. (Or Hungry Hungry Hippos.)

Flip This Condo - This is It.

Finally. FINALLY. After 6 weeks of renovation, followed by a week and a half of late nights working our way through a punch list, 2117 West Armitage #1 is ready to hit the market. Official photos will be taken this afternoon. We'll be on the MLS on Monday, July 21 - admittedly, 11 days later than I'd hoped.

Flip This Condo #10 - Kitchen Before And After

Well, this is it. All of the projects are complete. We're meeting with a realtor this evening, and putting the Bucktown condo on the market. (It's also our 13th wedding anniversary, so it will be fun to be back in the old neighborhood!)