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One Week Until the Apple Keynote - iPhone 7, HomeKit on the Way!

We know we're getting a new iPhone next week. We don't know what it will be called.

Review: Tile (Gen 2) - Does What You Expect, and More

Losing your car keys used to be annoying.  That said, it wasn't financially crippling. If you dropped your key into a sewer grate, you could get new keys made for a few dollars.  But, time marches on. Today's "smart keys" cost hundreds of dollars to replace.  Which is why you should invest in a Tile. 

SlingTV and AirTV - Getting Ready to Cut the Cord

We've been huge fans of DirecTV and its Genie product. Our original review - back in 2012 - was an unqualified rave. At the time, DirecTV was offering the only HD interface, and the only whole-home DVR. We could store a massive amount of programming on the internal hard drive, and access it from every room. But next month, we're moving on entirely.

High Five - Top 5 Apps for Traveling Abroad With Children

Sorry for the long absence! We just finished up our summer vacation, visiting my sister in London, with side trips to Paris, Wales, and Dublin. We traveled by air, land and sea - with a 10 year old, and a 2 year old. It wasn't easy. But traveling with iOS devices makes things a lot easier. Here are our Top Five iOS tips for traveling abroad, with kids.