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General Updates - Happy Halloween 2017

It's been a time of transition around AAAD. Most of our Apple gear is either for sale, recently upgraded, or in a holding pattern while we wait for new releases. And we're all STILL waiting for HomeKit to "arrive".

Late 2009 iMac - Should You Upgrade to High Sierra?

Our late-2009 iMac has been the best computer we've ever owned.  Before the iMac, we used to need a new computer every couple of years.  Even after all this time, the iMac still looks and feels state-of-the-art.  But is it powerful enough to run High Sierra?

The Apple TV 4K - Is It Worth The Upgrade?

After a week of searching, I finally found an Apple TV 4k on Friday. ( Which is good, because I put our 64 GB Apple TV 4 on eBay on Tuesday .) We've had the ATV4K up and running for 2 days now - is it worth the $179 upgrade? Or should you look elsewhere?