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Showing posts from May, 2017

Flip This Condo #3 - Shower Repair

We're quickly approaching the end of the final lease on our condo in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. We'd like to hit the market as soon as we possibly can, so we've been working to get the house looking its very best. This week - time to fix a leaking shower.

REVIEW: Peloton Cycle (2017)

This is a pretty major review - a Peloton bike is a pretty major purchase.  I'm happy to say that the bike lives up to its reputation. 

The Siri Speaker = The AirPort Mesh?

Will the Siri Speaker look like a Mac Pro? So, finally, it looks like Apple intends to enter the "connected speaker" space. About time.  Even better - there's one potential Siri Speaker feature that would silence Apple's critics forever...