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Apps in Action - Target

We had a bit of a crisis in the AAAD household last week.  It snowed in the Chicago suburbs (a little bit, and very unexpectedly), and our second-grader would not be allowed out for recess without snow pants . 

The Cost of a Nest Home Ecosystem

I'm a huge fan of the Nest Thermostat.  I'd been looking for a thermostat that could be controlled via iOS for a long time, but the Nest was just so far ahead of the competition in terms of design.  The use of brushed metal instead of plastic... the integrated LED... the "solid" feel to the spinning wheel, with just the right amount of resistance... it's just a beautiful piece of technology.  So when I learned that Nest was releasing an API, and had its eye on the entire home automation ecoystem, I was excited.  But how much is all of this going to cost?