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Going Underground - Basement Update - This is It!

It's been a really long process, but we're finally done. Today is the Grand Opening of our newly-finished basement! Ultimately, this was less of a DIY project than we would have liked. But it turned out a lot better than I'd hoped. And a lot better than I was capable of doing on my own.

Basement Remodel Update - Finishing Touches

Our last basement update was titled "Entering the Home Stretch".  We're even closer to the finish line now. 

Basement Update - Entering the Home Stretch

New Columns! And all the furniture in a huge pile! The basement is a construction zone again - and as the Official Floor Installer, I'm just trying to stay ahead of the contractors.

Basement Project #1 - Custom Storage Shelving

Phase One of the basement renovation is largely complete. While the contractors finish up the drywall work, we've gotten a head start on some of our own projects.  First up - shelving in the storage room. 

Project Update - Basement Drywall is Installed

We had our first opportunity to walk through our new (mostly) finished basement last night. Our initial impressions? Adding walls - and especially adding drywall - fundamentally changes your perception of a space.

Basement Update - DIY Projects!

We are quickly approaching the "end of the beginning" of our basement remodel. "Phase One" was the rough-in - plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, and sprinkler systems. It's almost done, and it looks great. Which means it's time for us to start Phase Two: The DIY projects.

Project Update - Basement is Almost Complete!

Well, the rough-in of the basement, in any case. We plan on doing much of the finish work ourselves. But at this point, we've passed our electrical and plumbing inspections, and the insulation and drywall is being installed. It should look like a usable, mostly finished space in no time.

A Very Apple Basement Remodel - Now Underway!

We've been talking about the BIG project for quite a while. It's the basement remodel. And now, we're finally started. But what steps do we have to take to ensure that we end up with the iOS-enabled smart home we want?

3 Top Wi-Fi Enabled Basement Water Sensors

We've solved the immediate problem for now - our sump pump is working properly, and the roots are cleared from our drain pipes. (The problem tree is still standing, but will be removed this week.) But what if something goes wrong with our solution? If our basement floods, we need to know immediately. Especially if we're away from home.  We need water sensors!

Going Underground #4 - More Foosball Table Restoration!

As you may know, AAAD isn't just an Apple rumors or tech-discussion site. It's about integrating iOS and Apple into all aspects of our home. And sometimes, our DIY home fix-it projects have nothing to do with tech. Like the foosball table in the basement.

Basement Renovation #3 - Measuring and Planning

Finishing a basement is never an easy process. But before we can even start, we have to decide where we want to finish. Our basement isn't huge, so we're not going to be adding much in the way of walls or rooms. It will primarily be a large open area, with a small storage room, a bathroom (thankfully, rough plumbing is already in place) and a furnace room. We're working on a long timeline - the image you see on the right is our aspiration for 2013 - getting the rigid foam insulation glued into place. Plans after the jump.

Going Underground #2 - Foosball Table Restoration - Cleanup

These guys clean up pretty well!  Considering that these foosball men have gotten progressively filthier from the time this table was installed, in a bar/roller rink/whatever in the 1970's, I really couldn't have asked for better results. We're talking about 30+ years worth of dust and grime and spills. I used Goo Gone, which has been my product of choice for cleaning up vintage collectible stuff over the last 15 years. (I learned back in the 90's that you can take a brittle, 20 year old pricetag off of a Star Wars carded figure with no problem with enough patience and enough Goo Gone. I'd imagine you can take mailing labels off of an old magazine with it too - but I'd tread lightly.)

Going Underground #1 - the Foosball Table Restoration

I know I've done a lot of posts lately about Apple in general. But this blog is actually only PARTLY about Apple - it's primarily about our iOS-centered home remodel/update. And while technology is a big part of the remodel, there are other parts, too. 2x4s. Drywall. Furniture. Cabinets. And a game room. The first item arrived a couple of months ago - our Deustcher Meister 1970's era foosball table. My family picked this up in the early 1990s, I played it rather religiously through highschool with my friends, and I remember it looking pretty old back then. It looked substantially older when I picked it up from my parents new house last fall. The players were filthy. The rods were rusted. The ramps (in each corner, to the side of the goal) were chipped and pulling away from the playing surface. One of the players was facing backwards. Obviously, that won't do.