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Showing posts from June, 2015

Xfinity - Cheaper Internet than WOW! (But they can't provide service.)

We just got a visit from a really nice door-to-door Comcast sales guy. And he got me to try a 50 Mbps internet service at $39.99/mo. The catch? Comcast is literally incapable of installing internet service. AGAIN.

iCloud Family Sharing - Worth The Hassle

We all know that iCloud isn't perfect. In fact, it can be a confusing mess at times. For our family, iCloud Family Sharing has delivered on iCloud's promise.  Even though it was difficult to set up. 

WWDC: No Apple TV, Very Little HomeKit.

WWDC had all kinds of new Apple stuff. iOS 9, OSX El Capitan, Apple Music to compete with Spotify. But HomeKit barely got a mention. Oh well. Here's the quick takeaway (leaving HomeKit for last):

HomeKit - Finally Here! Do We Care?

It looks like Apple's HomeKit is finally going to become a real, tangible thing.  Just in time for WWDC! But do we still care?