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Seven Years Ago Today - Steve Jobs' iPad Keynote

Seven years ago today, Steve Jobs invited Apple fans to to "come see our latest creation". He showed us the iPad, and almost immediately, it seemed familiar. In fact, it seemed as though the thing had always existed. It's hard to believe that we've only had iPads for seven years.

Siri Remote Touchpad Problems - Resolved?

Just like that, we seem to have solved the issues with the Siri Remote on our primary AppleTV. I'm guessing that the problem lay with the AppleTV itself, and not the Siri Remote.

Apple Siri Remote - Touchpad Problems?

We recently made the decision to become cord-cutters, cancelling DirecTV. Now, we have Sony Playstation Vue (and DirecTV NOW) through our Apple TVs. And so far, so good! Until the primary Siri remote just.... stopped... working.

To Move Forward, Apple Should Embrace Its Past

People love Apple. That's a strong statement, and I mean it in a very real sense. I don't mean to say that ALL people actually love Apple - but many do. And that is unique.