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Weber Genesis - Full Rehab - Project Updates!

We have a long-standing tradition here at AAAD of talking about projects for a LONG time before we actually get started. I first started talking about a "gut rehab" for my 2007 Weber Genesis E-310 back in March of 2013. 16 months later, we finally did it. Here's how. 

Review - 4Moms mamaRoo Baby Swing

At my last job, one of our clients was a manufacturer of baby products. Strollers, highchairs, and swings. Some of their most-heated litigation involved baby swings - because there have been some real leaps forward in design in that area. The "open top swing" didn't exist a decade and a half ago, and now it's all you see. And believe me, the fight over who came up with that innovation was rough. The last couple of years have seen some new advances in baby swings. Like the Momaroo , which is less of a "swing", and more of a "robot that gently rocks your baby to sleep". It's awesome.