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NAS Update: Synology DiskStation 4.2 has AirPlay

One of our primary projects at AAAD is to add a home server to our system - for backup of existing digital files, and for storing and playing media, like my iTunes library. I'd previously looked into a number of NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions, but I'm really looking for something as Apple-centric as possible. The reports I've seen about people going full-Apple and using Mountain Lion Server aren't exactly glowing - at least not for what I'd want to use it for.  I want to get my iTunes library off of my iMac!  And I want to get my DVD collection out of my media cabinet - and onto a server. Based on a review last night at 9to5 Mac , a Synology Diskstation really seems to be what I'm looking for. I'm sold. Count me in. Specifically, for the 4-drive box pictured above.