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Mac Mini Generations - Not All Mac Minis Are Created Equal

As I mentioned in our last post, we're going to be adding a Mac Mini Server to our iOS home . Our Mac Mini is going to have to do some heavy lifting - distributing music and HD video to AppleTVs throughout the house. We may need to buy the latest and greatest. But I'm also a huge proponent of buying used, last-generation Apple equipment. So let's take a look at how the Mac Mini has changed over the years, in terms of form and function.

Adding a Mac Mini Home Server - and Home Ethernet

Our home server project has been on the "AAAD coming soon" list for a couple of years. Now, with Phase 1 of the basement project is coming to a close, our home server finally has a home. Finally, it makes sense to move forward.

Basement Project #1 - Custom Storage Shelving

Phase One of the basement renovation is largely complete. While the contractors finish up the drywall work, we've gotten a head start on some of our own projects.  First up - shelving in the storage room. 

Project Update - Basement Drywall is Installed

We had our first opportunity to walk through our new (mostly) finished basement last night. Our initial impressions? Adding walls - and especially adding drywall - fundamentally changes your perception of a space.

Basement Update - DIY Projects!

We are quickly approaching the "end of the beginning" of our basement remodel. "Phase One" was the rough-in - plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, and sprinkler systems. It's almost done, and it looks great. Which means it's time for us to start Phase Two: The DIY projects.

AppleTV is Getting Folders with tvOS 9.2!

It's not often that a new Apple OS feature REALLY gets me excited, but this one qualifies. AppleTV is getting folders. YES.

Project Update - Basement is Almost Complete!

Well, the rough-in of the basement, in any case. We plan on doing much of the finish work ourselves. But at this point, we've passed our electrical and plumbing inspections, and the insulation and drywall is being installed. It should look like a usable, mostly finished space in no time.