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Why Google's Purchase of Nest is a Good Thing

It's no secret that we're huge Nest fans here at AAAD. We're also, obviously, huge Apple fans.  So when word got out last week that Google was paying three and a half BILLION dollars for Nest, the AAAD household had to deal with some cognitive dissonance.  How can we love Apple *and* the Google-ified Nest? Turns out it's easy. Read on. 

The Apple iPhone 5S Case - Understated. Perfect.

When it comes to iPhone cases, you can usually go in one of two directions - plastic and a bit gaudy, or elegant, but unbelievably expensive. Occasionally, we see cases that are gaudy AND unbelievably expensive.  Apple's new iPhone 5S case splits the difference. It is elegant, minimalist, and priced in line with the competition.