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August Smart Keypad - An Almost Mandatory Accessory

When we moved into our new house, we inherited an August Lock Pro.  It's generally worked out as advertised, but a few issues have sprung up from time to time.  First off - as we discussed in the earlier article , the lock occasionally spins without turning the deadbolt... and the only way to open the door is to remove the August Lock entirely.  This may be specific to our door. It only happens when the door isn't completely closed, so the deadbolt is a little bit misaligned, and there's too much friction.  Still, it's embarrassing when your friends and family can't open the door from the inside. A door should be open-able!  I'm ASSUMING that the fix here is to replace the deadbolt adapter, which is a little worn. They're $10 from August - I'll report back. The second issue is more of a "pet peeve" than an actual issue... You need to use your phone to unlock the August Lock Pro.  And by the time you've pulled your phone out of your pocket,