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Showing posts from December, 2016

Apple Watch Sport Gold with Black Leather Loop

Merry Christmas from AAAD! Last year, I got an Apple Watch Sport. (The gold one, with the blue Sport strap.) No Apple Watch Series 2 (or even Series 1) for me this year.... I'm going to be sticking with my original Apple Watch Sport for a while.  That said, the Gold Sport really dresses up nicely with the Apple Black Leather Loop.

Free AppleTV with 3 months of DirecTV Now! (Or, $105 AppleTV!)

This is a really, really good deal.  Even if you don't want DirecTV Now. 

Apple's "TV App" Is Almost Useless

I'm really trying here. We're ALL-IN with cord-cutting via Apple TV. We've dropped DirecTV, and we signed up for both DirecTV Now AND Sony Playstation Vue. (editors note: Head to Head Review coming tomorrow!) And now Apple has given us their TV app! We'll give it a few weeks.... but so far, calling this a half-measure would be kind. It's a tentative first step - but right now, it may be a Ping-level failure to launch.

Apple Killing the Airport Extreme - A Fatal Miscalculation?

Is the sun setting on the Golden Age of Apple? Apple is famous for their secrecy. We don't KNOW their long-term strategy.  Or even their short-term strategy, most of the time.