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Showing posts from April, 2016

Ethernet - Up And Running

Well, that was easy. It turns out that the in-wall wires WERE the issue.

Airport Extreme and Ethernet - Trial and Error

Day 2 of our Ethernet project. At the very least, we've isolated the problem.

Adding an Ethernet Switch to my Airport Extreme

We finally got started on an Original AAAD project last night - wired Ethernet. I've been thinking about this one for years. 

Review: Sony 65" X850C Bravia 4K TV (2015)

This review is probably coming a bit late for most early adopters - Sony's 2016 4K HDTVs are already in stores. But for bargain shoppers like AAAD, the 65X830C 4K TV absolutely gets the job done. And it's a 4K TV set that can be found for under $2,000.