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Showing posts from November, 2015

Day 1 With A Gold Apple Watch

I'm awfully late to the Apple Watch party. In fact, the Apple Watch 2 is likely right around the corner. But now I'm an Apple Watch owner. That's what happens when your 40th birthday and Black Friday fall within 48 hours of each other.

DirecTV HR44 Genie - Worth The Hassle.

The difference between the HR44 Genie and its predecessor HR34 is similar to the difference between an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6. Both were fantastic, game-changing devices. And the changes seem subtle - more like refinements, really. And then you take a step back and notice that absolutely everything has changed for the better.

Upgrading from DirecTV HR34 Genie to HR44!

It looks like it's finally happening!  We have been struggling with the HR34 Genie for a few months. It is running VERY slowly since the last software update.  DirecTV previously told me that I was out of luck - they wouldn't upgrade me to the HR44 or HR54. Yesterday, they relented. 

A Groundbreaking Day for AAAD - Construction Begins!

We started the primary phase of our AAAD home remodeling projects today! The first crew is working on hardscaping at both our front and back entrances. Not a project that has a lot to do with AAAD, but necessary nonetheless. The second crew is working on rough-in for the basement - and that DOES have some home-automation aspects.

DirecTV Genie HR34 Runs Slow - But Won't Be Upgraded

We've had our HR34 Genie since 2012. It's been great. But the latest software updates have slowed it down immensely. And according to DirecTV, there's nothing we can do about it.

Review: Apple TV (4th Generation) - No More Walled Garden

I've never been a huge fan of jailbreaking iOS devices. And with the 4th Generation AppleTV, there is no longer a need to do so.