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Harry's Razors Review - Are the Savings Worth The Hassle?

In a recent AAAD post, we discussed the virtues of Harry's vs. Dollar Shave Club . Ultimately, I went with Harry's. And now.... I think I'm headed back to Gillette Fusion, even though they're three times the cost. Here's why. Design Harry's makes beautiful razors. There's no doubt about that. (I bought a "Winston", which is shiny, slick, chrome.) But there is a limit to the virtue of form over function. Especially when that function is as critical as swiping a razor blade over your face. The Harry's blade is, basically, a prettied up Gillette Mach 3. That blade was a game-changer - it looked different, it packed multiple blades, However, like the Mach 3, the Harry's Winston has a LOT of room between the top of the cartridge and the first blade. That's where the moisturizer strip goes. It makes things go smoothly! It also makes it difficult to, for instance, shave directly under your nose. The Fusion addressed thi

Project Updates - Summer 2015

Even though there haven't been many AAAD updates, there have been all kinds of fun things happening in the AAAD household lately.