Half a Million!

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Thanks to everyone who reads AAAD!

We recently blew past 500,000 pageviews.

Headed for Home(Kit) - One Month to WWDC 2016!

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It's May 12, which means that we're almost exactly one month to the next Apple keynote - the WWDC event on June 13.

And finally - FINALLY - we may see some movement on HomeKit.

But is it too little, too late?

Spring Updates

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We're moving into Basement Phase 2!

That means we'll be taking the space from a roughed-in, usable-but-spartan basement, to a fully-finished living space.

Ethernet - Up And Running

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Well, that was easy.

It turns out that the in-wall wires WERE the issue.

Airport Extreme and Ethernet - Trial and Error

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Day 2 of our Ethernet project.

At the very least, we've isolated the problem.

Adding an Ethernet Switch to my Airport Extreme

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We finally got started on an Original AAAD project last night - wired Ethernet.

I've been thinking about this one for years. 

Review: Sony 65" X850C Bravia 4K TV (2015)

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This review is probably coming a bit late for most early adopters - Sony's 2016 4K HDTVs are already in stores.

But for bargain shoppers like AAAD, the 65X830C 4K TV absolutely gets the job done. And it's a 4K TV set that can be found for under $2,000.

Review: Sony's XBR 65X900C 4K TV is a Beautiful Failure

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That wasn't very much fun.

One Week Until the Apple Keynote!

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It's that time of year again!

If you're like me, you're counting the days until the next Apple Keynote. And most likely, you're avoiding any Apple purchases until 3/21.

More Projects! More Updates!

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Wow, time flies! Sorry for the delay between posts.

I'll have a more Apple-Centric post up ASAP, but in the interest of letting people know that AAAD still exists, here's a quick rundown of our current projects:

The iPhone 5se Has A Terrible Name

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Rumor has it that the iPhone 5se will go on sale on March 18.

I suppose it's good that Apple is bringing a 4" phone into the current-gen form factor and specs.

But MAN I hate that name. Here's why.

Upgrading an Insinkerator Garbage Disposer - From Badger to Evolution

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This post will be short.

It has literally nothing to do with Apple, iOS, or HomeKit.

Our garbage disposer CRACKED IN HALF over the weekend.

So there's a new project!

Siri, the Apple Watch, and Apple Music

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Hey, AAAD! Sorry for the lack of updates this week - hopefully that massive Mac Mini post gave you enough reading to tide you over. 

Great Apple Moment this AM - I was driving to work, and inadvertently held the Digital Crown down on my watch for a moment. 

Mac Mini Generations - Not All Mac Minis Are Created Equal

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As I mentioned in our last post, we're going to be adding a Mac Mini Server to our iOS home.

Our Mac Mini is going to have to do some heavy lifting - distributing music and HD video to AppleTVs throughout the house.

We may need to buy the latest and greatest.

But I'm also a huge proponent of buying used, last-generation Apple equipment.

So let's take a look at how the Mac Mini has changed over the years, in terms of form and function.

Adding a Mac Mini Home Server - and Home Ethernet

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Our home server project has been on the "AAAD coming soon" list for a couple of years.

Now, with Phase 1 of the basement project is coming to a close, our home server finally has a home.

Finally, it makes sense to move forward.