Xfinity - Cheaper Internet than WOW! (But they can't provide service.)

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We just got a visit from a really nice door-to-door Comcast sales guy.

And he got me to try a 50 Mbps internet service at $39.99/mo.

The catch? Comcast is literally incapable of installing internet service. AGAIN.

iCloud Family Sharing - Worth The Hassle

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We all know that iCloud isn't perfect. In fact, it can be a confusing mess at times.

For our family, iCloud Family Sharing has delivered on iCloud's promise. 

Even though it was difficult to set up. 

WWDC: No Apple TV, Very Little HomeKit.

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WWDC had all kinds of new Apple stuff. iOS 9, OSX El Capitan, Apple Music to compete with Spotify.

But HomeKit barely got a mention. Oh well.

Here's the quick takeaway (leaving HomeKit for last):

HomeKit - Finally Here! Do We Care?

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It looks like Apple's HomeKit is finally going to become a real, tangible thing. 

Just in time for WWDC! But do we still care?

Ooma Review - Boring, in a Good Way!

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We installed Ooma as our landline this week - and there's almost nothing to report. 

Which is good! 

Your landline should be boring.

Finally, a New Apple TV! (Probably!)

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It's seemed obvious for some time now.

Apple is moving on from the current-gen Apple TV.

Moving to Ooma.

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As expected, even though we acquired the precise modem that we're currently renting, we were unable to use our own modem for WOW!'s voice services. 

So, we're going to stop using WOW's voice services.

Instead, we're going with a much higher tier of internet service, and moving our landline to Ooma. 

And saving money in the process. 
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