How to Make Your Nest Thermostat Better

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We've been living with our Nest Thermostat for almost a year now.

It's great.

Even though it intentionally makes our house freezing every night, no matter how many times we tell it to STOP.

But we can make it better... .

Verizon EDGE - A Scam, or an Absolute Steal?

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If you recently upgraded to an iPhone 6, there's a decent chance that your sales associate told you
about the Verizon EDGE program.

In short, you pay full freight for your iPhone 6, in 24 installments.

That means $600 or more, instead of the $200-$300 you'd pay with a carrier subsidy.

Is this a good deal, or not?

Adding an SSD to an iMac? Or Replacing with Retina?

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Our 21" iMac is about 5 years old.

It is, without question, the best computer that I have ever owned.

But it could be better.

Should I replace its HD with an SSD?

Or sell it and replace with a 27" Retina iMac? ...

Review - Delonghi Nespresso Latissima Pro

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We've always wanted an espresso machine. 

But the fully-automated types we liked were really expensive, and seemed to be somewhat difficult to use. 

The Delonghi Latissima Pro Nespresso machine solves one of those problems. ...

300,000 Visits to AAAD

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Thanks to everybody - I never thought that this blog would get any traffic whatsoever, but it seems like there are quite a few people out there who share my interests in iOS and home automation.

Transferring Super8 film to HD digital

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My parents celebrated their 60th birthday a couple of years ago. 

As a gift, I put together a 40-minute iMovie from all of our home movies. It was a big hit - but it could have been a lot better. ...

Is HP Instant Ink a Good Deal?

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We recently purchased a new all-in-one printer, and signed up for HP's new Instant Ink program. They claim that it can save users as much as 50% on ink. But will it really? .

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