New Look for AAAD 2015!

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Once again, we're changing things up around here.

In keeping with iOS's new "flat" aesthetic, we lost a few of the serifs and graphics. There may be some missing functionality for a bit, but we'll get it fixed. Thanks!

5 Steps for Building Your Ideal, Cheap Sonos System

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I received a Sonos Play:1 speaker as a Christmas gift. It's fantastic.

In fact, it's SO good that I'm eager to Sonos-ify the rest of our house. But I'm learning this as I go. What do I need to do? What do I need to buy?

What Causes Awful Wi-Fi Range?

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Over the past weekend, the AAAD family traveled to my parents' house in Iowa.

And as you'd expect, I was given several IT-related tasks. I couldn't fix any of them. The culprit? My parents abysmal wi-fi range.

Giving Up On HomeKit. Hello Wink.

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This blog is about "building an iOS home". That's literally our mission statement.

So, Apple's HomeKit would appear to be a necessary building block. Right?


The Night the iPhone Saved Thanksgiving

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We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in Iowa.

Back in Chicagoland, however, things were not going well.

MyQ Review - it's fantastic.

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As I wrote in my last post, we recently added MyQ functionality to our Raynor garage door.

A week later, the verdict is in - it's great. But not for the reasons you might expect.


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