Going Underground - Craftsman Style Built-In Dry Bar!

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It has taken YEARS, but our biggest project - the finished basement - is finally done.

And it's great!

We've increased the usable living space in our house by a full 30%. The kids have a living-room area for board games, and there's an additional bedroom and bathroom.

And now - finally - we have a built-in dry bar, which matches the built-in home theater upstairs.

Sonos CONNECT & a Turntable - Evolution or Blasphemy?

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We recently added a SONOS CONNECT to our primary home theater.

This got some pushback... and I'll grant that it's a little bit unnecessary.

Our home theater has an AppleTV and Apple Music... we can already play almost any song ever published, immediately, with voice control.

So why a Sonos? Because we have a turntable!

2017 Macs -- No News is BAD News, Apple!

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Apple has always kept their cards close to their vest. 
Eight years old and still getting it done. 

But this is getting ridiculous. 

The AAAD household has a LOT of Apple devices. But our Macs are getting a bit long in the tooth.
I'd love to upgrade them, across the board. New Mac Mini, new iMac.

But I wait. Because upgrades are surely just around the corner, right?


Review - Two Months with Sony Playstation Vue

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We've been using Sony's Playstation Vue television service for a bit more than two months.

Last Sunday, we had two families over to watch the Super Bowl.

No one had any idea that we were using a streaming TV service.

That is high praise indeed.

Seven Years Ago Today - Steve Jobs' iPad Keynote

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Seven years ago today, Steve Jobs invited Apple fans to to "come see our latest creation".

He showed us the iPad, and almost immediately, it seemed familiar.

In fact, it seemed as though the thing had always existed.

It's hard to believe that we've only had iPads for seven years.

Siri Remote Touchpad Problems - Resolved?

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Just like that, we seem to have solved the issues with the Siri Remote on our primary AppleTV.

I'm guessing that the problem lay with the AppleTV itself, and not the Siri Remote.

Apple Siri Remote - Touchpad Problems?

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We recently made the decision to become cord-cutters, cancelling DirecTV.

Now, we have Sony Playstation Vue (and DirecTV NOW) through our Apple TVs.

And so far, so good!

Until the primary Siri remote just.... stopped... working.

To Move Forward, Apple Should Embrace Its Past

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People love Apple.

That's a strong statement, and I mean it in a very real sense. I don't mean to say that ALL people actually love Apple - but many do.

And that is unique. 

Apple Watch Sport Gold with Black Leather Loop

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Merry Christmas from AAAD!

Last year, I got an Apple Watch Sport. (The gold one, with the blue Sport strap.)

No Apple Watch Series 2 (or even Series 1) for me this year.... I'm going to be sticking with my original Apple Watch Sport for a while. 

That said, the Gold Sport really dresses up nicely with the Apple Black Leather Loop.

Free AppleTV with 3 months of DirecTV Now! (Or, $105 AppleTV!)

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This is a really, really good deal. 

Even if you don't want DirecTV Now. 

Apple's "TV App" Is Almost Useless

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I'm really trying here.

We're ALL-IN with cord-cutting via Apple TV.

We've dropped DirecTV, and we signed up for both DirecTV Now AND Sony Playstation Vue.

(editors note: Head to Head Review coming tomorrow!)

And now Apple has given us their TV app!

We'll give it a few weeks.... but so far, calling this a half-measure would be kind.

It's a tentative first step - but right now, it may be a Ping-level failure to launch.

Apple Killing the Airport Extreme - A Fatal Miscalculation?

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Is the sun setting on the Golden Age of Apple?
Apple is famous for their secrecy.

We don't KNOW their long-term strategy. 
Or even their short-term strategy, most of the time. 

Canceling DirecTV - Moving to Playstation Vue

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We finally did it - the AAAD household are now cord-cutters.

And so far, so good.

The impetus for this change? Sony's PlayStation Vue service is now available on AppleTV.

Here are our (very early) thoughts....

Apple Keynote - Either Update the Mini, or Kill It.

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Mac Mini: 2005-2014?
The Mac Keynote was, as expected, all about the new MacBook Pro.

One Week Until the Next Apple Keynote - New Macs!

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I've been waiting to pick up a Mac Mini. 

Before I make any decisions, though, I'm waiting a week.