Project 5 - HomeKit

This project has been happening in stages, and will likely be broken into 3-4 projects as we move forward. But this also sums up the mission statement of this blog - we want our new house to be largely automated, and controllable via iOS devices.

First, we added a Nest thermostat. It shares a similar "look and feel" with the Apple ecosystem, and it just looks cool.

We'll be adding a number of Nest Protect smoke alarms - both for the night-light capability, and because it will help our Nest determine whether we're home.

Second, we added an ADT Pulse system, which allows us to turn our
security system on and off from the iPhone. It also has support for additional Z-Wave products, but we haven't done anything there beyond a single lamp.

Third, we added a MyQ garage door opener. This is great, and has actually helped us out a few times.

We've been waiting for HomeKit for quite a while... it's starting to get a bit disheartening. Ideally, we could add Siri-controlled light switches, in the basement at the absolute minimum.

For the time being, our home automation has been non-HomeKit, typically running on individual apps.


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