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Flip This Condo #9 - Finishing Touches

We're approaching the end of our condo renovation project. I expect that we'll be listed on the market by July 10. This week, our painter got to work. Cabinets will be painted white later this week - but the walls are basically finished. And the place immediately looked brighter.  

Flip This Condo #8 - Budget Curb Appeal

We started with interior painting this morning - that will likely take the rest of the week.  Yesterday was Sunday, and the whole AAAD family was in the city.  We did some minor clean-up in advance of the painters arriving, and spent the afternoon trying to make the exterior look more inviting.

WOW Internet Service vs. Comcast Xfinity (2017)

We've had WOW internet service for over 5 years. (Long-time readers will probably remember us trying, and failing, to move to Comcast, and the follies that ensued.) 5 years late.... it's time for a follow-up post.... how is WOW internet service working these days?

Flip This Condo #7 - Removing and Replacing Baseboard

We're moving full speed ahead toward our goal - completely renovating our condo in Bucktown, Chicago in 1 month. If all goes according to plan, we'll be on the market on or around the July 4 holiday.  Today's project - removing and replacing all of the baseboard in the house. 

Flip This Condo #6 - Ryobi Pressure Washer Review (2,000 PSI)

City living can get dirty. Over the years, the exterior of our condo in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood has gotten pretty dirty, too. Enter - the Ryobi 141900 2,000 PSI electric pressure washer.

Flip This Condo #5 - Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Our renovation started today in earnest. The team from H&M Flooring Design was on site at 8 AM, and we didn't waste any time getting started. We're sanding the floors down, and finishing them in a dark espresso color.

Flip This Condo #4 - 2017 Kitchen Remodel

We hope to have our Bucktown condo on the market in less than a month. That means that our projects are moving into high gear. And the kitchen is the biggest part of that effort.

Could Alexa and Siri Work Together?

Apple is very rarely the FIRST mover in tech. Usually, they come to the market with a refined version of existing technology, and crowd out the existing competitors with their high-end design (and the loyal fans in the Apple ecosystem.) Siri was a bit of an exception.