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Showing posts from October, 2015

It's New Apple TV Day!

It's also Halloween Friday, and my costume isn't done yet. But that just means I'm making TWO stops on the way home tonight - it's Apple TV Day! Finally, Apple is giving us what we wanted - essentially, a more-powerful set-top box with the capacity to run games and apps.

400,000 visits to AAAD

Well, that happened more quickly than expected. (It was actually a few weeks ago.) Passing 300,000 and 400,000 in the same year is a pretty cool milestone. I expect that 2016 will be a bigger year for AAAD. We'll be taking on the DIY basement remodel AND our ethernet project simultaneously. And Apple will (probably) get HomeKit out of the theoretical and into the real-world. Thanks again to everyone who has stumbled across this website - it's fun to see how our house, and Apple, have changed over the years.

WOW! Internet Just Got A Lot Faster

If you're a WOW! Internet subscriber, like me, you probably got some welcome news recently. They were increasing our internet speed! I was skeptical. But they really came through.

So... many.... projects....

It's been slow-ish around AAAD lately - I apologize for that. As summer winds to a close, we've been moving full speed ahead on projects both inside and outside of our home. Not a whole lot of changes on the Apple front, however - but we're excited to get the new AppleTV on its release date during the week of October 26 .