5 Tips For Photographing the Northern Lights in Iceland

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We just spent 5 days in Iceland, which was a pretty great trip.

We managed to get a photo of the Aurora Borealis, which is by NO MEANS a sure thing.

I'll post a full "Iceland Tips and Tricks", or "Traveling Iceland with Kids" article later this week.

But this post is all about the Northern Lights.

If you've ever wanted to visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights, here are five things to keep in mind:

Okay, HomeKit. Let’s do this.

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iDevices Switch
Its been YEARS. But we finally got started with HomeKit.

And I may not stop.

HomeKit is exceeding my expectations, and gets better with every device we add.

Moving to T-Mobile from Verizon.

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We've been Verizon iPhone users for years - ever since the iPhone 4.

On Black Friday, we switched to T-Mobile.

Ultimately, their offer was just too good.

Why You Need a Home Server

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We've been talking about it for YEARS, but we finally did it - we added a home server.

Specifically, we purchased a QNAP TS-451A network attached storage system.

I'm only scratching the surface with this NAS so far.

But already, it's one of the more exciting "IT" purchases we've made.

Suddenly, we have near-infinite storage space.

And it's always on. And when we upgrade our iMac, our data will still be right there.

Here's what we've learned so far:

General Updates - Happy Halloween 2017

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It's been a time of transition around AAAD.

Most of our Apple gear is either for sale, recently upgraded, or in a holding pattern while we wait for new releases.

And we're all STILL waiting for HomeKit to "arrive".

Late 2009 iMac - Should You Upgrade to High Sierra?

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Our late-2009 iMac has been the best computer we've ever owned. 

Before the iMac, we used to need a new computer every couple of years. 

Even after all this time, the iMac still looks and feels state-of-the-art. 

But is it powerful enough to run High Sierra?