The Home Projects

I mentioned in the first post that I was going to track several Apple-related projects at the new house. For starters, we'll have the primary entertainment center. Upcoming projects will include (subject to reordering):

1. Primary Home Theater. This will require mounting the 55" TV above the fireplace, running at least 4 HDMI cables to it. We'll design and install built-in wall units on either side of the fireplace, incorporating in-wall speakers, and (after selecting a cable/internet/phone provider) run a wired network to the entire system. I also need a bunch more active shutter 3D glasses, which we never use and which are kind of ludicrously expensive, but which is still a neat effect.

2. Wired Internet. Tired of waiting for movies to start after downloading them... And tired of living in fear of buffering when watching a streaming video. We'll need to run CAT5 through the walls, and spec out switches and routers. I currently have a Time Capsule and an Airport Express... I think the amount of networking hardware we use will increase dramatically.

3. AirPlay Everywhere, Including Outdoors. This one may take some doing... Especially for the back patio. I love Sonos, but I already have so many AirPlay devices that I think we are going to run with this. plus, the blog isn't called "All Sonos All Day". Put simply, I want to be able to dial up any song on my iPhone, and play it in any room in the house.

4. iOS Thermostat Control. I'm thinking a Nest Thermostat, but really, iOS control of everything. Wireless Lighting control, window shade control, and security system control. I assume this one gets broken up into 4 discrete projects later- some of these things are tricky.

5. Home server. my whole movie and music collection, streaming to every TV and stereo via XBMC. (I am picturing Mac minis being incorporated somehow.)

6. Basement Finishing. this is a huge project, and probably won't start until 2013. It will, however, be incredible. Wine storage, a 100 year old pool table, and a 40 year old Foosball table. (I have already gotten permission from the wife to install a touchless urinal in the bathroom we are designing.) First we need to install the floor and walls... Lots of work to do. That's why this one is at the bottom of the list. Who knows what Apple will have released by the time we get started!

In the meantime, only 9 days until closing.


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