One Day More - Packing for the Move (And More about Apple)


We close tomorrow afternoon, and we'll be furiously packing today, and furiously unpacking on Friday. I'll probably be occupied with moving through the weekend. 

Starting Friday, Project 1 kicks into gear. While it will be a series of "good-enough" half-measures at the start, we should be able to review WOW Ultra TV by Saturday, and (if I get the coding right) have a static page for Project 1 (Home Theater) started shortly thereafter, which will have photos of the space and a mockup of what the final design will look like, a checklist of items to be completed, and links to the various posts detailing each stage of the project. 

In other news:

  • The Apple Store is now selling the Nest Thermostat.  I love the look of this thing, but it's the functionality that sets it apart. It's iOS controllable, and completely self-learning and programming. Plus, it looks like a Star Trek control panel for your house. 

Almost reasonable looking. Too bad they cost $100.

Sony seemingly loses money with every turn these days, and their 3D glasses are obnoxiously overpriced, to the point that I have to believe that passive 3D tech will wind up winning the day, (I mean, to the extent that anyone cares about 3D enough to have a "winner"), but I have to hand it to them here - their new "Titanium" 3D glasses are actually kind of good-looking. (I mean, to the extent that 3D glasses tech can be good-looking.) 

And as I'm sure everyone has already read, Tim Cook recently discussed AppleTV, calling TV an "area of intense interest". Lots of people believe Apple is working on their own TV, others think that's ridiculous. I, of course, have no idea and no way of knowing. I just selfishly hope that I'm able to integrate whatever they release into my existing ecosystem. If Apple releases it, I'm probably going to wind up with it eventually... but I'd hate to have to chuck all of this Sony gear that's working so well together. 


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