Assessing Project 1 After Move-In

Well, that wasn't easy. But the move is (mostly) done. We'll be unpacking our boxes for some time, but our house is starting to feel like our house.

Except that home theater. It's barely even started. (I'll add pictures later tonight.) After a weekend of false starts, WOW! Ultra TV is now up and running, and I'll have a full review ASAP.

In the meantime, we're dealing with a few Project 1 issues that are going to take some problem-solving.

1. There's no easy way to get HDMI cabling to the TV. The living room features a fantastic fireplace, with built-in shelves on either side, pre-wired for a TV to be placed on (or hang above) the mantel over the fireplace. But that wiring is part of the problem. We have a power outlet, and a coax connection - this would have been ideal even 10 years ago, but it's completely inadequate for what we're planning - I need a minimum of 4 HDMI cables between the TV and my various components. (We could attempt ONE HDMI to the TV, with the rest going to the AV Receiver, but I'm not positive that will be as elegant.)

The obvious place to put our components is to the left of the fireplace - it also has a coax and power input. But it's more difficult to figure out how to run wires over a finished lateral span behind a gas fireplace. And no one is going to be happy with a bunch of wires flying out from behind the TV.

2. The TV isn't mounted, and I'm not exactly positive what is behind the "wall" where I'd mount it. Our TV isn't heavy - It's a 55" Gorilla Glass Sony LED. Probably about 40 pounds in total. But that's still about 40 pounds more than I'd be comfortable bolting to the balsa-wood-esque backdrop above our mantel, and knocking on that backdrop seems to demonstrate an almost completely hollow area behind it - at least part of which is our chimney.

A few quick passes with a stud finder indicates that there is something behind this backdrop, but the locations don't exactly scream out "standard spaced 2x4 studs", as much as "random attached... something". This will take some investigating.

Still, we're ecstatic with the house, and at the moment, Ultra TV is taking care of our home entertainment needs. Plus, I just picked up another Airport Express (the "N" version, of course), so we're moving along on the AirPlay project. Photos coming soon.


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