Sticker Shock - First WOW UltraTV bill is $163

Well... that's no good. I mean, it's not that far off from what I expected, but it's up there.

I knew that we were likely to see a number of costs and fees on the WOW UltraTV package, but I'm a little surprised at how quickly the costs added up.

Our UltraTV-Internet-Phone package is $130... plus $17 for HBO (higher than Comcast's HBO cost, IIRC), plus another $12 and change for taxes and fees, and a $4 fee for "phone connectivity", which the bill takes great pains to explain is not a tax.

If it's not a tax, and goes directly to WOW, why not build it into the advertised cost of the phone line? Maybe I'm missing something here, but this seems like a classic case of misdirection and undisclosed fees, just trying to get an extra $50/year from each subscriber.

Even though DirecTV requires a 2-year commitment, I think I'm likely to give them a shot at this point.

Right now, we're paying more for our first month at WOW than we did for Comcast - even after all of Comcast's promo periods had expired. And Comcast had a substantially better channel selection. (WOW has no Bravo HD, no E! HD, no DIY in the basic tier, and no NFL Network at all....)

Now that we'd technically be "new customers" again with Comcast, it may be time to roll out the old Tivo Series 3 and get back with the old standby.

Or, I suppose, with Game of Thrones over, we can simply cancel HBO until next season.


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