Anybody Want to Buy a Six-Month-Old Receiver?

Last year, I upgraded our AV Receiver, because I came to understand that an ARC (Audio Return Channel) HDMI connection was absolutely necessary. It still is, and the stereo wasn't that expensive, especially considering that I was able to sell the old one for a decent amount.

But now Sony has gone and done it - AirPlay directly integrated into a reciever. It would seem that if I'm building an Apple-enabled home, this would be required, right?

Well, I'll look into it. Right now, the stereo system DOES have AirPlay access, in that it has an AppleTV attached. And that isn't going anywhere - the AppleTV works so well with the iPad that it should be considered a required accessory.

Would adding AirPlay to the stereo help out? Or would it be overkill/redundant? If, for instance, the stereo input would automatically change to AirPlay the moment I select the stereo on my iPhone, it might eliminate the step of having to change the TV/Stereo input to the AppleTV. Knowing Sony, however, my guess is that I'd have to manually change the input on the stereo anyway - which kind of defeats the purpose.

In any case, it's good to see another consumer electronics company jumping on the AirPlay bandwagon.


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