The best laid plans of mice and men....

It's been SLOW going at the AAAD homestead. The home theatre project remains in a state of almost total inertia, despite Mrs. AAAD's insistence that the HDMI wires get buried and the LED gets wall-mounted immediately.

I have an HDMI wire running from my TV, in front of the fireplace, and into the component rack. An HDMI wire that is being shared among multiple components. How did it come to this?!

The reason? The former homestead (a Bucktown duplex up/down) has sprung a leak. Well, more accurately, the former homestead has sprung thousands of leaks and now needs a full roof & truss replacement. Which has turned a quick 3-day, $13K project into a 10-day, just-under-$30K project.

Which is a bill that - even split between two owners - puts a damper on my enthusiasm for buying things like $600 in light switches.

Of course - completely necessary. Those trusses looked awful, and literally crumbled when I touched them. I'm glad our upstairs neighbors didn't get a fibreglass and drywall shower one morning. And with the house ripped apart, I'm learning a bunch about the interior workings of any house - things that will help with the myriad projects at the suburban house.

In the meantime, the show must go on. AAAD Jr. is getting a Kinect system for his birthday, and he needs a new TV to run it on, and we'll need to run wires to that TV.... game on!


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