Just Like Starting Over - Unbundling DirecTV with AT&T or Comcast

Well, this just isn't working.

We are having an incredibly difficult time with our WOW UltraTV setup - the security system doesn't like the phone, the TV menus are sluggish and unintuitive, and the internet... well, the internet is rock solid, so never mind that.

But really, it's time to look into a different solution. Especially given that I'm spending $160 for a suboptimal bundle, and that there are no contracts.

Over the weekend, we finished the most recent season of "Mad Men", which had been stored on our old TiVo Series 3. The difference between TiVo's interface and WOW's interface was night and day.... and it's not as though we're newbies with WOW. We've had it for 40 days now. And it's still every bit as tricky as it was on Day 3.

You hit right-left-right to move deeper into menus? If you want to start a recorded program, you can't select the title and see shows.... you have to WAIT a bit, or else you're looking at upcoming showings? SO strange.

So it's back to the drawing board. And the old Excel spreadsheet. The new system has to work with ADT (meaning, I have to be able to activate at least one phone jack), it has to be in the ballpark of $160/month (ideally a bit less), and it has to offer decent internet and (ideally) unlimited nationwide calling.

Also, after happening upon a really great DIY website, I'm getting very interested in getting started with the design, build and install for our built-in shelving in the home theater. It's been slow going lately, but it's time for a permanent solution in the living room.