Using a Tivoli Model One as an AirPlay speaker

There's no question that Tivoli Audio makes fantastic-looking electronic equipment. It's also well-built and sounds great as an AM/FM radio. 

What it doesn't do is AirPlay. Tivoli sells some Bluetooth-capable Model One radios (for $259.99), and seems to have a new Bluetooth device that can be used in conjunction with a standard radio ($149.99) to stream music.  

But that's a lot of money, and it's not iOS or AirPlay. I want this to be simple. And cheap. 
The Model One, like all Tivoli radios, has an AUX IN mini port. So, it's as simple as getting a (UPDATE) mini-to-mini cable, an Airport Express (I picked up a 1264 for $50 on ebay), and *voila*, your Tivoli Model One is AirPlay capable. Rename the Airport Express as "Tivoli Model One", or the room where it's located, on your network.

When we set this up tonight, I noticed that AirPlay in iTunes 11 has a major new feature - you can stream to any single device on your network - or any combination of those devices. And you can independently set the volume for each device!

This is worth a full post - I can't believe I missed this previously.

In the meantime, we've got a dinner party to plan - and a music playlist to throw together.

*I'd previously written that I'd need a red/white composite-to-mini cable - but if the Tivoli can't handle red/white, then that cable is useless, obviously. Mini-to-mini gets the job done.


  1. what exactly is a red/white to mini cable and what does it look like

  2. Google is your friend. :)

  3. hello, why not use a simple jack to jack? how does red/white to mini cable work? thanks

    1. It's been a few years since I wrote this post. Basically, a mini stereo jack is like an iPhone headphone input.

      So in this case, we'd need a mini-to-mini, if we were hooking up the Tivoli to an Airport Express.