Home Theater Remodel - First Steps.

We've been in the new house for about six months, and there's still a huge pile of HDMI wires running from our TV over the fireplace, to the AV stand holding our components. 

It works great, it looks terrible. 

It's time for a change. I could bury the HDMI cables in the wall horizontally, or run them through the basement and back up.... but the former plan requires expensive drywall work, and the latter has a fireplace in the way and might be impossible.

Time for a bold plan. Time for wall-to-wall built in cabinets!

As the living room is currently situated, the TV is on the fireplace mantle. We'd like to hang the TV on the wall in that space.

We've had 2 fires this winter, and the wall above the fireplace maintains room temperature at all times - it will be safe for our electronics.

The mantle also has our left-center-front channel Bose Acoustimass cube speakers, which work, but which just sit there, adding to the clutter. We'd like to have these speakers mounted to the wall to the left and right of the fireplace - or even better, to add in-wall speakers.

So, our mantle has 4 HDMI cables and 3 speaker wires - plus 3 speakers, a Kinect camera, and the wiring
for that.

There's an old Crate & Barrel media cabinet to the left of the fireplace, which holds our DirecTV box, our Xbox, the AppleTV, the BluRay player, and so on. It doesn't look right, and it has wires (and Skylanders) all over it.

This is a mess. Even when it's cleaned up.

The solution? Extending the existing fireplace-shelving unit about 5 feet in either direction: thereby creating space for components, partially covering up all of the drywall work for cable-burying, and incorporating built-in speakers. The wires will be hidden, and the entire wall will look like a coherent design.

The primary hold-up has been cost - we'd like to go with an arts-and-crafts theme to match the craftsman-esque attributes throughout the house, but it could get pricey. To some extent, this will have to be a DIY project - and that means it's time to break out the blueprint software.

The deadline for completion of this project? 4th of July.

We'll get started with designs tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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