CBS joins ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO with native iPad app

There are a number of ways to get TV shows for free over the internet. We use AirPlay to stream shows from Netflix, from the HBO GO app, from the PBS app, and from the ABC app. 

It looks like CBS is joining the party. 
Good news, to be sure - CBS has been notoriously difficult about making their content available outside of regular TV viewing. 

We'll get the app, to be sure - probably tonight after work. I'll have a review posted soon. I assume it works just like their competitor's channels apps work - with required commercial breaks, and so on. 

The most interesting aspect of the app is CBS' claim that for the fall season, the app will provide "Second screen experiences" - i.e., additional content for shows that you're watching live on TV. 

The only stumbling block? There isn't a single TV show on CBS that we watch, other than "The Amazing Race". 

That's probably a bit strange, given CBS's position as the #1 most-watched network for the last several years. But we don't watch "CSI", or "NCIS", or "The Big Bang Theory", or "Two and a Half Men", or "Criminal Minds"... Not even critically-acclaimed stuff like "The Good Wife". 

We used to watch "The Late Show with David Letterman", and "How I Met Your Mother", but haven't for the last few years. 

Maybe the app will change that. Can't hurt. 


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