DirecTV Genie + iPad App = Fantastic Content On Demand

I've written about DirecTV's iPad app before. It's great. 

One of its best features is the ability to browse OnDemand content, and download in bulk. 

Browsing DirecTV On Demand menus with your remote is kind of a pain. It's pretty, but it's slow. Screens take too long to load.

The iPad, on the other hand, is the best tool for managing media content that has ever been invented. It is intuitive, it is responsive, its graphics are excellent, and obviously, it's a touchscreen. 

And DirecTV makes great use of it. 

My wife recently started working in healthcare. At about that time, she really got into the show "Nurse Jackie", from Showtime. Season 5 of "Nurse Jackie" starts in April, and she wants to be caught up. 

Using the DirecTV app, she was able to find and download every episode from Seasons 1-4. It was just that simple - search for "Nurse Jackie", pick the episodes, and click "On TV" or "On iPad". 

She's currently halfway through Season 3, and generally downloads a few episodes at a time - just enough to ensure that there are 1-2 in the playlist every day. 

If you're paying for premium channels - and we still get HBO and Showtime - you should be using the OnDemand features. 

I can't imagine that anyone schedules their week around when a particular movie is going to be on - which could make HBO a huge waste of money. Use the iPad to browse and save on demand content, and it's not. 

Every couple of weeks, just scroll through movie poster icons on the iPad, click what looks interesting, mark them "save until I delete", and your Genie DVR will grab those 5-6 interesting films/events that are going to be on during that month. 

The Genie is capable of downloading and storing essentially everything that interests you, on demand. With the iPad app, it's very, very simple. 

And doing so really helps you maximize the value of your DirecTV subscription. 


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