Home Theater Update - Built-In Cabinets - 3D Model!

I had an opportunity to learn how to use Google SketchUp yesterday.... it's free, and the learning curve is pretty shallow.

I watched one YouTube video tutorial, and right away, I was able to create a 3D model of our plans for our home theater. This is going to be very, very helpful.

For reference, this is what the home theater looks like right now:

The additions will allow us to get our speakers mounted, the TV mounted above the fireplace, the HDMI cables buried in the walls, and the components hidden away in the left-side cabinet.

For now, we're planning on keeping the same Bose system - no built-in speakers for us just yet. They're really incorporated into the design, though - it should look nice. 

The cabinets will be semi-custom - we'll be sizing them up and ordering them online, unless a Chicago-area cabinet maker can match. The bookcases above the cabinets will be a DIY project. (While it's probably a very easy DIY project, it's our first attempt, so bear with us. 

In any case - Google SketchUp is highly recommended. I'm creating alternate versions of the model above now, to incorporate wine refrigeration to the right, and at my wife's request, a model in which the right-hand side is a bench, rather than a cabinet. 

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