Wireless iPhone Charging - Can We Avoid Another Peripheral?

I don't know about you, but my workspace is crowded. Not cluttered (well, okay, a little cluttered), but crowded.

I work from a home office, so I don't have a giant workspace. My desk has 2 monitors, my laptop and dock, my keyboard, my mouse, an "work inbox" pile and a "home inbox" pile, my phone, and a coaster for my coffee.

Like you, I was intrigued by recent reports that Apple (and Samsung) are likely to build in wireless charging for the next generation of their phones and tablets.

But where am I going to put a wireless induction charging pad?

When I look at the wireless induction solutions currently on the market, I'm underwhelmed.

The Duracell PowerMat (above) requires a specialized phone case, AND another peripheral on our desktops. WIthout exaggerating, I simply don't have room for that thing on my desk.

Ideally, Apple can find an elegant way to incorporate wireless charging into their existing suite of products. I'm sure that they will - elegant design is kind of their thing.

And in this case, one solution is right in front of us. We already have a 6x6 piece of aluminum lying flat on our desks - It's the iMac stand.

If Apple can find a way to wirelessly charge the iPhone 6, with no "charging case" or "charging mat" required, they're going to sell a lot of iMacs and iPhones.

And people like me won't have to worry about getting bigger desks.


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