DirecTV Adding Voice Search to its iOS App

In all of the excitement about Apple's earnings announcement, I missed the story about how DirecTV is adding a voice search to its incredible iOS app later this year.

This could be really a really cool addition.

Basically, it's a Siri-like "virtual assistant" to change channels automatically, and recommend things that are current playing.

I can't imagine that it's something I'd use every day - the iPad app is so intuitive and perfect right now that I can't imagine that *speaking* would make it simpler - but at a minimum, it shows that DirecTV is continuing to innovate.

One caveat - I wish that this functionality - and similar voice-recognition functionality from different apps - could be actually incorporated into Siri, rather than being available through the app itself.

That said, this looks like yet another coup for DirecTV's iOS team - they've really picked up the "innovation in TV entertainment" torch from TiVo, and at this point, they're so far ahead of the curve that it's remarkable.