DirecTV's New HR44 Genie Coming Soon


As you know, I'm a fan of DirecTV's HR34 Genie. 

From its interface, to its 5-tuner functionality, to its online and iOS capabilities, I think it is the best DVR I've ever used.

Well... it's getting better. 

DirecTV's HR44 is right around the corner, and I'm going to be pulling every possible string to get one. 

(Photo above from Engadget)

If I had to get nitpicky about the HR34, I'd go with the following:
  • Menu scrolling can get a bit laggy if you're trying to go really fast.
  • The box is physically very large... like "old VCR" kind of large. 
  • Wi-fi is handled by an external Cinema Connection Kit - a proprietary DirecTV wireless bridge. 
I've heard people complain about the noise from the HR34. Those people either have bad HR34s or they are insanely critical. The box is almost perfectly silent.

However, my remaining 3 HR34 nitpicks (which are, granted, very minor) are all completely eradicated by the HR44. 

It's smaller. A lot smaller.  

Here's a picture from Solid Signal that shows the HR44 sitting on top of the HR34. 

It's not as wide, and not nearly as tall. 

Even better, Solid Signal reports that the menu scrolling is ridiculously fast and smooth. It's not just faster than the HR34 - it's the fastest DVR they've ever seen. 

Solid Signal says that they don't believe that a person can hit the buttons as fast as this DVR can update menus. Nice. 

Most importantly - wifi is built in. No more Cinema Connection Kit sitting next to the HR34. 

DirecTV is usually better about giving new tech to new customers... I'm going to have to ask REALLY nicely, and maybe add some TVs or something. But I'm getting this thing.

Looking at the message boards, people are saying "April" for the HR44's arrival.... but it's already April, and there's no concrete release date. So, figure "early summer". 

I, for one, can't wait. 


  1. Spoke to a DirectTV install tech last week. He said they will be in the Northeast Market for rollout by the end of this month.

    1. Excellent. Here's hoping that's a nationwide rollout - I'll be begging for one as soon as it's available in Chicago.

  2. the hr44 is actually shitting on a hr24

  3. Or "Sitting" on an HR24, right? :)

  4. Directv put a hr44 in my house back in early April. I'm in Charlotte NC

    1. Awesome - it sounds like they are everywhere now. I can't upgrade right now- I've got a Genie DVR full of Mad Men and Game of Thrones to catch up on.

  5. I ordered the genie upgrade two months ago. I was to receive the hr34. I canceled my appointment with the installer as he informed me they had just gotten some new 44s in warehouse. Why does Directv still have the 34 on their website? They must really want to get rid of those things. I don't want my upgrade using the slow no wifi reciever. Hey besides the new one has a cool new remote control....... Katie

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