Notes from the Weekend - and Property Management

It's Opening Day (at Wrigley!) Rainy around Chicago, but they should find a way to get the game in. 

I'll be using the MLB At the Ballpark app throughout today's game, and I'll have a full review tonight.

(UPDATE: It worked more or less as expected. Foursquare-style check-in, followed by the ability to share photos with other people at the game. Great app!)

Before the game, I'm off to the city to make some repairs around the old house, as the (fantastic!) tenants are approaching the end of their lease. New LED bulbs, and some general maintenance. Landlord stuff.

I could probably get 4-5 AAAD posts about DIY property management/leasing from our experience over the last year. There are a lot of documents to complete, and maintenance stuff that we were able to manage (or substantially streamline) electronically.

From the tenant applications, through background checks, through finding the proper lease documents, through all the different tech/websites you can use to make things easier on you and your tenants.

As soon as I can find my Mac/Apple angle, I'll get right to work on that! Even if I'm the only person who uses it, having a central resource for my landlord stuff will be helpful.

(As an aside, isn't "landlord" just a remarkably haughty term? Feudalism died out centuries ago. "Landlord" is the only use of the term "lord" that's still in use outside of a religious or olde-timey British context.) 

So, off to the city. 


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