Opening Day App Review: MLB at the Ballpark Update

Just in time for Opening Day, MLB At the Ballpark just got a major update. New "ticket-style" icon, new features. I'll be using this app all season, so the review will be ongoing.

But for now, some Opening Day thoughts:

If MLB At Bat provides a full-spectrum view of what's happening across Major League Baseball in a given day, the idea of At The Ballpark is a bit more personal - the app is built around your actual attendance at baseball games.

Social Media Features

When you're in a MLB park, you have the opportunity to check in, Foursquare style. You can take, upload and share photos from the game.

Game Day Features

You can also buy your game tickets within the app - and there's Passbook integration, if your team supports it. (Teams currently supporting Passbook ticketing are the Mets, Giants, Royals, Twins, Orioles, Brewers, A's, Pirates, Tigers and Cubs).

The app provides interactive maps of every MLB stadium - you can instantly find your section, and then find concession stands, restrooms, and the nearest ATM.

Seat Upgrades

Another new feature for At The Ballpark is the Mobile Seat Upgrade program. With the seat upgrade functionality, the team makes unused seats available for "upgrades" at a certain price - that will decrease during the game.

So if you've ever wanted to sit directly behind home plate, but don't want to spring for the $200 club boxes, you might find the price more to your liking by the 7th inning. Seat Upgrade is available in Atlanta right now, and will be rolling out to more teams throughout the season.

Your Personal Journal, back to 2005

The app tracks the games that you're attending, but also allows you to search for and add games that you've attended in the past - all the way back to the 2005 season.

I was able to cross-reference with some old emails, and find the last 44 Cubs games that I'd attended.

And like that, I was able to see that my career record (since 2005) for Cubs games is 26-18 - and that my White Sox record is 0-1 during that time. (Really, only 1 Sox game?!)

Click on any game in your history, and you can see the box score, and even video highlights. Then add and share your own photos. A really cool feature.

Bottom Line

I'll be using this app thoroughout the season, so this rating is subject to some revision later. But so far, I'm incredibly impressed. Baseball has always been a game that has reveled in its history, and this app helps you quickly assemble - and then add to - your own history with the game. 

Rating - 9/10


  1. Nice post - I like the idea of upgrading the seats during the game. How cool is that? You could also go the old fashioned way and just walk down to that section behind the plate once the usher has lost interest...

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