When is the Next Apple Keynote?

Is Apple really going to make us wait until June for the WWDC keynote? 

If so, that would be an unprecedented eight-month span between keynotes... and as I wrote in a previous post, it's my opinion that this lack of "Apple events" is one of the primary factors in Apple's perceived doldrums. 
There's nothing on the schedule at the moment, and Apple isn't even hinting about a new event or keynote. It's kind of a shocking departure from what has worked SO well in the past.

There's a lot on the horizon for 2013 - for instance, if the rumors are to be believed, iRadio will be launching in short order. That's definitely worth its own keynote with Tim Cook. 

The script practically writes itself. Talk iTunes 11 for 20 minutes, and about how iCloud and iTunes Match has made all of our giant music libraries accessible anywhere. 

Then, pivot from discussing the music we own and love, to the music we would love but don't know about yet. Announce a great new moment for music lovers... iRadio! 

(When doing this, completely ignore the fact that other streaming services exist. It's the Apple way.)

Show off the dedicated iRadio app, with its super-streamlined in-app purchase button, Spotify-style social music functionality - and its leveraging of Apple's Genius database to deliver music that you're likely to love. 

Talk about all of the third-party AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers that have been released recently. Heck - maybe introduce the Apple HiFi 2, a $100 AirPlay speaker - with a rechargeable internal battery so it can work "unplugged" - with Apple-level design. 

And then one more thing.... the curtains part, and Tim introduces a famous rock band (Foo Fighters, or some such), and announces some exclusive new music from that artist will be on iRadio - which is downloadable immediately.

See? Nothing to it. 

But if the contracts aren't signed, we can't have an iRadio keynote.

So what CAN they do? In the past, we've seen keynotes with previews of future iOS features - that would be some good filler for a "no new products" keynote. 

But from what we're hearing, iOS 7 is a relatively long ways off.... and it's going to be a Jony Ive-led rethinking of the interface, so I can understand that they don't really want to spoil the surprise. 

And I haven't heard *anything* about OSX 10.9. Not even a name.... and they're running out of cats. We're pretty much down to Bobcat, Lynx, Ocelot, and Regular Housecat. 

(Personally, I'm rooting for "OSX 10.9 Regular Cat"... but that's unlikely). 


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