Retina iPad Minis Coming Soon?

The price of an iPad Mini has been dropping rather quickly.

And based on Apple's established modus operandi, that probably means that a new version is on the way.

9to5Mac notes that Wal-Mart is selling the Mini for $80 less than MSRP, and Apple has cut the prices in its refurb store a SECOND time, on both iPads and iPad Minis.

That's a notable price drop for the current version of an Apple product.

While no one is coming out and saying it.... reading between the lines, it seems likely that the iPad Mini 2 is imminent.

The obvious upgrade for the iPad Mini is a Retina screen. It's the one killer feature we've been waiting for.

In fact, the fact that the Mini shipped with a non-Retina screen last year almost seemed like Apple "holding something back" for the 2nd version.

I expect that there will be the usual spec bumps - a faster processor, and so on. 

There will be nothing like the RF/IR remote control capabilities (and centralized iRemote app) that I've been hoping for - just the same incremental speed upgrades that we've seen from the iPad/2/3/4.

That said, if the iPad Mini 2 is getting a Retina screen, I will pre-order one the minute Tim Cook steps offstage on June 10.

The lack of Retina has been the one thing keeping me from buying a Mini already.


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