Spring Preview #5 - From Fire Pits to Fire Places

We've been working with our village's government in order to find out what permits we're going to need on our hardscaping project.

Turns out - not very many. But, built-in fire pits are strictly prohibited. Permanent outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, are fine. And on second thought.... they're a lot better looking, too.

This is going to take a little bit more effort, and probably a lot more cash. But I have to hand it to the Village here - an outdoor fireplace has several advantages over a fire pit.

There's a chimney, for one, which ensures that the smoke goes where it's supposed to.

Also, it's taller - just by virtue of its size, the fireplace will provide us with some measure of privacy, and will generally define the space - it will clearly mark the "boundary" of our patio and the beginning of the yard.

It's also a bit safer - there are usually a bunch of neighborhood kids about, and I think that the allure of a fire pit may have been WAY too much for them to handle.

The fireplace kits we've been looking at come from Stone Farm, although I'm sure we'll look around the Chicago area to see if there's a local supplier.


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