Updates on AAAD

It's been a slow week at AAAD and with Apple news in general, but it's been an incredibly busy week for me personally.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've started working for a large corporation with some tech elements, and part of my onboarding process has required me to get familiar with our social media policy.
Only 4 days in, and I can uneqivocally state that this new opportunity is the most excited I've been about my career.

I will, however, have to start carving out some off-hours time to keep AAAD updated. Don't worry - there's nothing in our policies stopping me from writing this blog, but we're going to be experimenting with Google and Blogger's "delayed post" functionality, so that I can keep the stream of content coming at the pace you'd expect, instead of in giant bursts at midnight.

On the home front, some good news on renting out the Bucktown residence - and a very tech friendly method of conducting credit and background checks with TransUnion SmartMove. Full review tonight.

We're also meeting with craftsmen and designers about the home theater, as well as speccing out Badger Cabinets DIY boxes. We'll be weighing the merits of those two paths as we move forward with the living room cabinet expansion.

So, in the next few days, there will be DIY home renovation discussion, a "how-to" for first-time landlords, and a review of Google's Blogger platform (ironically, to be created entirely using that platform).

In the meantime, keep reading! Thanks for all the support. This blog is the first I've ever written that received this level of readership, and I really do appreciate you all joining in the conversation.


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