Keynote Day!

It's been a long, boring winter in Apple-World. But our eight-month vigil ends today, with the WWDC Keynote!

We can DEFINITELY expect to see iOS 7 - and it will be a departure from the first six iterations of the mobile OS. But what else will we see?

OSX 10.9

Based on the signage that was installed over the weekend, we're going to see the new version of OSX.

The choice of imagery - a thin X over a large wave - has some people saying that 10.9 will be called "Sea Lion".

Which would, admittedly, be a pretty funny twist on the "cat" motif they've used throughout the OSX cycle.


This may, or may not, happen. I'm sure Apple would love to get their streaming service started.... and EVERYONE is reporting that the necessary deals have been signed.... but the announcment/launch of iRadio is a big event, and may be worthy of its own Keynote.

Whether it happens today, or a month from now, it seems that iRadio will be here in short order.

New Macs

This one actually seems pretty likely. Inventories for MacBooks Air and Pro have gotten short, leading some to believe that a refresh is imminent.

If it's a Retina 11" MacBook Air, I'm getting in line.

New Wireless-AC - Airport Extreme/Time Capsule

This would, admittedly, be a bit of a pain for me.

If Apple moves to the bleeding-edge wireless-ac standard, it will mean blazing fast wifi speeds.

It may also mean the end of life for all of my wireless-n Airport Expresses that are so dutifully streaming music around my house.

The thought, I suppose, is that the new MacBook Pros will have wireless-ac built in, and we'll need some sort of network device capable of pushing those speeds.

It won't make much of a difference for me - my WOW internet tops out at 15Mbps, and wireless-N is more than capable of streaming at those rates. But if Google Fiber (or a similar provider) is coming to your city, then wireless-AC will be a huge improvement.

I'm not going to be liveblogging the Keynote - I'm in meetings for most of the day - but I will be posting opinions and photos throughout the day. Happy Keynote Day, everyone!


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