Project Updates

It's been an incredibly busy summer at the AAAD household. And all told, things are going great.... and we're making some good progress on our slate of projects.

1. The Home Theater project will be completed in August. We love our contractor's plans, and it's just a matter of tweaking the cabinet configuration and some trim-piece choices.

2. Thanks to a series of Airport Expresses (and a whole-home intercom) the whole house and patio are wired for AirPlay.

3. Our grill refurb pieces for our Weber Genesis 300 series grill should arrive any day - I'll add a step-by-step photo guide to cleaning and re-fitting out a Weber grill.

There are a few other projects in motion - the basement, the home server, and some tree removal - but I'll stay focused on the above for now. Well, that and computer lawyering... that takes up a lot of my time.

Thanks, everyone, for reading AAAD. It's fun to see that so many people are listening to us talk about our Apple-based home DIY projects.


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