Back in the States - and Back to Work

As many of you may have noticed, AAAD has been "dark" for much of July. Sorry about that.

There's a good reason, though - we've been traveling a LOT. (It didn't seem like a good idea to announce to the world that we'd be away from home for a few weeks.)

But now that I'm back in Chicago, I can finally talk about our world tour.... (and because this is an Apple blog, I should probably mention the tech we used along the way.)
London Calling
Our first vacation was a short one - a "long weekend" trip to London.

Ms. AAAD won the WXRT 93.1 FM "London X-Cursion with the Rolling Stones" contest, which got us free air travel, 4 nights in a London hotel, and 2 tickets to the Stones' last show at Hyde Park.

(I know, I still can't believe it either.)

That win would not have been possible without her iPhone - she had to be the "93rd lucky texter" to send in the title of a Stones song... which was pretty easy in Messages. She was able to send the correct text 30 times in the first minute - and being 93rd qualified her for the grand prize drawing against 20 other winners. 

One week later, we were in Hyde Park with my London-based sister and her husband on a blazing hot Saturday afternoon. Mick and the boys did not disappoint - and I have iPhotos to prove it.

Changes in Latitude

The unexpected London trip came just a couple of days before our long-planned all-family vacation in Turks and Caicos. (In fact, my sister and brother-in-law left London a day before we did, for a bit of "pre-family" vacationing at Parrot Cay.)

We were back in Chicago for 2 days, packed up, and left again for the Carribean. This was a nearly tech-free vacation, as we had essentially no phone service, and very spotty wi-fi.

We did, however, have AirPlay. You'd be surprised how much a small wireless speaker (and your own playlist) can improve a nearly perfect day.
So in any case, we're back at the AAAD household, and getting back to work on our many, many home projects.

Our 1st-gen Time Capsule finally died - in all likelihood, the common blown capacitor problem - so the next order of business is the Synology home NAS. See you all soon.


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