Apps in Action - Target


We had a bit of a crisis in the AAAD household last week. 

It snowed in the Chicago suburbs (a little bit, and very unexpectedly), and our second-grader would not be allowed out for recess without snow pants

He had snow pants, but they were a couple years old, and what worked in Kindergarten DID NOT work in second grade. 

That stuff isn't going to fly anymore, dad. 

But where could we find snow pants in West Chicagoland on absolutely no notice? 

Enter the Target app. 

Ms. AAAD was able to drop the boy at school, fire up the iPhone, and identify a nearby Target with snow pants in our kid's size - with real-time inventory updates. 

The app told her that there was at least 1 pair in stock, and she was able to get to Target and back to school before AM recess. 

Crisis averted. 

The app does a bunch of other things, such as barcode scanning for current price, and coupons. 

What it does NOT do - not yet, anyway - is add a Passport for your Target RedCard, which provides a flat 5% off all purchases. I'm trying to stop carrying so much plastic, Target!

RedCard integration seems like a no-brainer. But this is still a helpful app, and helped save our second-grader from the indignity of indoor recess. 


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